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Investment opportunities with Lystyd Luxury Vacation Rentals

Looking for investment opportunities with vacation rentals?

At Lystyd our real estate investment model centers around short-term vacation rentals and corporate housing. We specialize in maximizing returns for investors by managing all aspects of these types of rentals.

Once we acquire a property, our team handles renovations and interior design to get it ready for guests. We manage the permitting process and ensure the home meets regulatory requirements for short-term rentals.

Next, we aggressively market and list each property on Airbnb, Vrbo, and other top rental sites. Our pricing algorithms and dynamic calendars maximize occupancy and rates.

We also leverage our relationships with major companies to fill vacancies through corporate bookings. Our team is well-versed in accommodating business travelers.

During guest stays, we provide 24/7 support and quickly address any issues that arise. Between rentals, we oversee deep cleanings, laundry, maintenance, and restocking.

The result is robust occupancy and impressive returns. In 2021, our average annual ROI was XX%, significantly higher than traditional rentals.

With proven systems to manage every aspect of short-term rentals and corporate housing, we can optimize your investment profit potential. Let’s connect to discuss partnering on your next investment property!

Who I am and what my company does

With nearly a decade of immersion in real estate, my journey spans from uncovering hidden gems and investment opportunities through wholesaling, fix-and-flips, and rental properties, to venturing into short-term rentals. This diverse experience has equipped me with the expertise and resilience to identify, secure, rehabilitate, and yield returns. Having invested my own capital and undergone the rehabilitation process, I intimately understand the needs and desires of investors. Fueled by a genuine passion for real estate, I bring unwavering dedication to navigate and excel in challenging situations."

Mission statement

Empowering investors through strategic real estate solutions Lystyd mission is to deliver exceptional value by leveraging expertise, fostering growth, and ensuring a seamless investment experience. Join us in shaping a future where every investment opportunity yields success and satisfaction

Vision statement

Our vision is to position ourselves as leaders in the luxury hospitality sector, showcasing enchanting spaces designed to evoke simplicity and tranquility for our guests. Our inspiration stems from a unique and singular purpose: to deliver a service and experience that stands unparalleled in every aspect.

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Duvi Hirsch

I stand for leveling the playing field and will use my example and influence to advance those who have been misinformed and marginalized. I provide actionable opportunities.

For the last 35 years, I have acquired real estate for myself and my family. Real estate investing has allowed me to live a lifestyle I never imagined. I created Lystyd so everyone has the same opportunity!